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    To raise an army of matured, spirit filled believers, passionate for God, souls and the work of the ministry and to provide them opportunity for service. To teach believers who they are in Jesus Christ and how to live a life of victory based on their covenant relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

    To lead children and youths to Christ, training and mentoring them to mature into people of faith, honor and integrity, thoroughly furnished in the Word of God.

    To impact our community and transform lives to light and freedom in Jesus Christ.

    To seek always, the salvation of souls

    The New Testament knows only one Church. The only thing that divided the Church was geographical boundaries. The biblical pattern is the local church, which is expected to relate to or be under the spiritual oversight of an apostle or apostolic team (Eph 2:19-20). Bearing in mind that a local church comprises of all the congregations in a geographical boundary. What unity there would be when all churches are together under apostolic teams nationwide . When that happens, the Church will become of age and the gates of hell would no longer prevail.

    Seeking the salvation of souls
    Sharing Jesus with the hundreds of thousands of people. Ministering to the total person (spirit, soul and body) by establishing appropriate needed programs and giving sacrificially to special programs in the community.

    Each change-one life at a time
    Sharing Jesus, the Christ, as the manifested Word of God, teaching the Word of God with simplicity and understanding for application to our everyday lives, thus equipping and empowering believers to live and serve God in victory, impacting not only their immediate community but extending His Kingdom to the uttermost parts of the earth.

    Passionate Worship, Powerful Word, Permanent Change!
    A place of restoration, where the hurting, depressed and frustrated can find hope, acceptance, love, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement.

      What We Believe

      The goal of the church is to transform lives to light and freedom in Jesus Christ. We are made kings and priests by Jesus and therefore WE can exercise DOMINION here on earth ” - General Overseer

      (i) The divine inspiration and infallibility of the Holy Bible in all matters and conduct. (ll Tim.3:16, 2 Pet.1:21)

      (ii) The Trinity of the Godhead and the unity of three persons (Father Son, Holy Ghost) therein (l John.5:7)

      (iii) The utter depravity of the whole human nature and the guilt of all mankind since the fall through the deceit of the devil. Because of this, all people become subject to Gods wrath and condemnation (Romans.3:23)

      (iv) The substitutionary atonement for sin through the blood of Jesus Christ, the incarnate son of God (Heb.9:14)

      (v) The full salvation by grace through faith in Christ Jesus alone. Thus one is born again and becomes a child of God (Eph.2:8-9)

      (vi) Subsequent empowerment of the born again believer by the Holy Spirit for service and victorious living (Acts.1:5.8, Acts.2:1-4)

Upcoming Events

Friday January 7, 2013

Night Vigil at 10:00pm

Sunday January 13, 2013
10:00am: Celebration service

Sunday January 20, 2013
10:00am: Celebration service

Service Times & Directions

Weekly Meeting Times

Sunday Upper Room Prayer Meeting: 9:00 am

Sunday Worship Service: 10:00 am

Tuesday Bible Study: 7:00 pm

Monthly Meeting Times

First Friday Night Vigil: 10:00pm

Last Saturday Prayer Meeting: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Woodlawn Community Center
2131 Woodlawn Drive
Baltimore, MD 21207
(410) 262-7759